Monday 2 February 2015

Where's the beef?!

And now for something completely different...

Dolmio used to make a convenient and tasty pasta sauce in a microwaveable pouch product named "Dolmio Express". I say used to - technically they still make a product with this name, but the recipe got ruined (and they're still showing the nice one on their website)

(<-- on the left) Nice version, before the change, taken from the Dolmio website today. Ingredients list inaccurate.

(on the right -->) Ruined version, insufficient beef, taken from Tesco's website.

I mean, who replaces beef with carrots!? It went from a nice beefy
sauce to something closer to a tomato-ey water with a tiny amount of beef floating in it (that looks more like tuna). Oh and don't forget the carrots! Urgh.

Suggestion: revert changes. Charge more if needed instead of ruining it. If you absolutely have to use less beef, replace it with TVP or something, not carrots.

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