Friday 13 July 2012

Raspberry Pi PS2 - Part 2

So I eventually ordered another hub after finding out the Pi has issues with lots of 'powered' hubs. My selection process was eBay, sort by Price (lowest first) and then choosing the one with sockets on cables for ease of desoldering. This cost me about £2. You can also drink this apparently as it is "easily potable"
Apart from the Chinglish, the description on the back is also completely wrong - it states that it includes a mini usb cable and user manual, and can provide 500mA/port - yeah right.
Whoa, smallest hub ever! I was expecting to have to unscrew it, but it literally fell apart in my hands.

I thought I better test it before I went any further
 This one worked first time...
Wires came off easily enough. I labelled the board afterwards, to save confusion when re-soldering it

Testing with an externally powered hard disk through the hub

Picked it up OK after I realised unlike every other USB device in the world, whoever designed this hub chose to cable it in the order VCC, USB+, USB-, GND
Glueing the usb ports in to the case. I had to shave a tiny bit of plastic from the connector to get it to fit next to the screw hole

That bit of PCB was getting in my way, so I cut it off. It didn't look important.
 Sockets and LAN mount glue drying. Exciting stuff...
 Wouldn't know it had changed :)
Same with the ethernet socket. That's an 8mm spacer underneath it by the way

All parts in place. I'm still waiting on a panel mount power socket, which is why that is still hanging out of the back

Lid back on, and final testing. Still no idea what I'm going to do with it though...


  1. Very good, using the ethernet socket and the usb sockets look great,congratulations on a neat project.

  2. This looks really nice, I'm surprised more people haven't done this. Did you reuse the controller ports at all? I'm looking to do something similar but will want to use the controller ports for emulation too.

    1. Thanks :)

      I didn't use the controller ports - but it'd be very easy to do so. From memory, there's only 9 pins on those connectors! A couple of Playstation controlller - USB adapters from ebay should only set you back a few quid (or dollars, etc)

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